Artist Statement

I want to challenge what you think.

Scroll through your news feed, that’s where my topics incubate.  I choose those that are twisting our society in knots, the ones that feel most intractable. Then I do a deep dive: books, research, interviews.  I explore at the core to figure out what needs to change. 

Then the fun begins.  Rather than restricting myself to the language of just one medium, I use whatever material and methods best help me communicate:  buffalo skulls, paper airplanes, concrete rubble, video walls, shipping containers, prison cell audio…whatever it takes.

My installations attract the viewer with beautiful aesthetics, then slowly, maddeningly, reveal underlying hypocrisies, offer alternate lenses, encourage deeper understanding…challenge what you think.  

Unlike other artists, you won’t visually recognize my style, you will feel it, viscerally. 

Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg
August 2020